Manage Services

We offer responsive, robust, and cost-effective managed services for Salesforce products to upkeep the implemented instances at peak performance and continually capture business value. Our flexible, scalable and tailored solution can power your Salesforce Org with improved and efficient processes, workflows, bug-free functionalities with round-the-clock maintenance and support to drive prompt resolutions to every complex and critical issues.

Salesforce Consulting

As part of the managed services package, you will get Salesforce consulting services and suggest innovative solutions for standard and frequently occurring issues in your Salesforce org that come included in the consulting services.

Intelli Cloudware will support your managed services initiatives with our Salesforce Certified Professionals, so you get the best resources in the industry.

Salesforce Implementation

Implementing a successful Salesforce ecosystem in your organization with the increased functionality is hard to achieve. You will always need a well-versed team with end-to-end business processes knowledge, and skills in handling Salesforce applications.

Our Salesforce team has immense experience working in various Salesforce tools, and we believe we can put this knowledge to good use for your business.

Salesforce Customization and Configuration

Using point-and-click tools (configuration) or code means (Lightning Components, Visualforce, Apex code), we make your customized Salesforce solutions to look and work just the way you and your business want by enabling custom workflows, reports/dashboards, email templates, and more.

Salesforce Support and Administration

Our experienced Salesforce administrator team can help you unburden your team from the daily admin tasks leaving more room to drive strategic changes. You can rely on our Salesforce support and admin team to constantly check the system’s stability, performance, security monitoring, bug analysis and fixing, finding the root cause, and more.

Reliable Salesforce Solution

Our experienced Salesforce team will ensure that your business goals are achieved while you focus on other tasks. With our help, you can keep Salesforce performing at its peak by preventing critical performance and security issues and updating it in accordance with changing business processes and requirements.

Uninterrupted Business Processes

We understand the importance of keeping the systems up and running even when significant changes occur in the background. That is why you should choose us since, with our Salesforce modifications and improvements, we will ensure that your current Salesforce CRM users and business operations will not be impacted.

Cost Management

A penny saved is a penny earned. The in-house Salesforce team comes at a huge expense which can be used for other initiatives.
We can cover end to end needs of your organization’s managed services requirements with a cost-effective solution and support your business to excel in its industry.

Minimal Management Efforts

Our project management and Salesforce expertise enable us to deliver changes to the system promptly so your management team does not have to spend time monitoring and managing it. Your business needs will be efficiently processed and turned into robust technical requirements with minimal management involvement.

How Intelli-Cloudware Adds Value to Your Salesforce CRM

When Salesforce CRM / marketing automation or custom project needs to be planned, managed, optimized, enhanced, or extended, Intelli-Cloudware can do it effectively and efficiently. It isn’t just about skill: it’s about approach.
Intelli-Cloudware proven development methodology, project management skills and knowledge expert resource allocation ensures the strictest quality control: resulting in a powerful, robust solution that delivers measurable results.
Intelli-Cloudware closely engage with different LOB (Line of business) to identify the suitability of current application portfolio to support the current and future business processes of any business lines.

Our Integrated Approach

Here at Intelli Cloudware, we offer a blended service based on the individual needs of our clients.

Business Process Review

Intelli-Cloudware BPR is a detailed consultative engagement with key stakeholders.


BPR process will results in specific, actionable recommendations for process design and improvements.

Salesforce CRM System

Let us relieve you of burdensome tasks while applying our best-practice expertise and unmatched technical skills to enhancing, customizing, and streamlining your CRM implementation and workflows.

CRM Enhancements/Custom

If you’re looking at enhancing your CRM solutions with advanced capabilities, call on Intelli-Cloudware to design and deliver CRM solutions you need.